What Others Say About Steve and Tanya

“For all you seniors that think they are hopeless as far as weight and exercise, try Team Appleby Fitness. My daughter pushed me into joining to get me stronger. I have lost 50 pounds and gained strength and alot more energy. My doctor is thrilled that my blood pressure is normal as well as my cholesterol. The trainers are careful not to push too hard if you have a sore spot but keep you moving and motivated. I also like that there are not alot of people around watching like in the big gyms. It is more like a home atmosphere. I can't say enough good things about Team Appleby Fitness"
--J. Hager




I’ve tried it all. I tried the long hours at the gym, the counting and measuring of food, the doctors, the
pills, etc. None of it ever worked. Then I tried Tanya. I trained at Team Appleby Fitness with Tanya for over 4 months and I have only great things to say. She is so knowledgeable that I felt no move was ever wasted. Everything I did seemed to have a positive impact on my body. Sure, I may be sore in the morning but it was always worth it. Tanya helped me achieve my weight loss goal and so much
more. I lost inches in places I never dreamed I could and dropped 3 clothing sizes. I feel great about myself and I can’t argue with the results. If you want to lose weight or get in better shape I would definitely recommend Tanya.

--M. Smoot 




Team Appleby Fitness did a fantastic job with working with my wife and I in giving us the tools to maintain a well balanced exercise regime.

Their knowledge of body mechanics and the emphasis on proper technique benefited us well and as a result have achieved noticeable changes in our energy and strength levels.

At our in-home sessions they always had well thought out work out routines that incorporated simple exercises that did not involve major investments in equipment.

Along with the fitness component they emphasized the importance of proper nutrition and a well balanced lifestyle.

We are etremely happy with our experience with them and would highly recommend Team Appleby Fitness

--S. McIntyre