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Who is Tanya?



Hi. My name is Tanya Appleby and I am originally from Northern California. Even though I was raised in sunny Southern California I did not have a very active lifestyle growing up. An inactive lifestyle and bad eating habits was a vicious cycle that led to being overweight and unhealthy.

I met my husband, Steve Appleby in 2000 and at that time weighed well over 200 lbs and wore sizes 20 plus. I was so inspired by Steve's mindset on fitness not to mention his physical appearance, proof he practiced what he preached, that I decided to start training and educating myself to make a career out of getting fit. I now hold several certifications -

  • Certified Personal Trainer-NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist-NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist-NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach-NESTA (National Endurance & Sports Trainers Association)

I have a special interest in working directly with people, and want to cater to each individual as much as possible. I decided on a career as a personal trainer. There, it is possible for me to train with just one person or very small groups 2-4 people.

I personally have dropped 10-12 sizes (depending on the maker) and have increased my strength, endurance, stability, and balance, all while strengthening my core. My eating habits have changed and have become more of that of a healthy individual. I understand what is healthy and not healthy when it comes to eating while allowing everything in moderation.


I am so much more confident and at age 55 feel much more fit than I ever felt in my 20's. I look forward to helping others reach their fitness goals.


I have helped many lose weight but even more to become stronger physically in their strength, endurance, flexibility, stability, balance, and core which lead to being stronger emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They all work together like spokes on a bike.

I have worked with clients who have had cancer, knee replacements, hip replacements, and back injuries. I am a believer of training you based on your current level of fitness not mine or anyone else's level of fitness.


Who is Steve?

Hi. My name is Steve Appleby. I grew up in Southern California and led an active lifestyle until at the age of 17 I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident.
It took alot of determination to get myself back into fitness of which I took the liberty of rehabilitating myself. With so many watching me transform myself at the gym I started helping others get themselves into shape which is what started what has now been a career for me for over 40 years.  Besides my extensive background of many years of knowledge I am a Post Rehab Specialist. I hold several certifications-

  • Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) - National Council for Certified Personal Trainers
  • Weight Management Specialist (NCCPT) - National Council for Certified Personal Trainers

I received the Change of Life Award for personal abilities in the improvement of the physically challenged. I also trained the first amputee to climb the Himalayas which was featured on channel 13.

I have trained clients from age 10 to age 96. I have worked with athletes, children with autism and many other disabilities. It is truly my passion to help others improve their lifestyles by becoming healthier.